Satellite by Fibre

Giving coax the axe.

An affordable fibre-optic IF / DTT & DAB Distribution system is beginning of the end for clunky old coaxial cable. 

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Global Invacom's FibreMDU range enables up to 32 homes, multiswitches or combination of both to receive all digital signals from one satellite via a single fibre optic cable.

Key benefits of FibreMDU System include:

  • Reduced installation time & complexity.
  • No earth bonding required.
  • Long cable runs (kilometres) are no problem using standard FibreMDU equipment.
  • Use a single 3mm armoured optic cable (G1-3.0) instead of four coax for trunk cable runs.
  • Single fibre connection into the home to feed up to four digital satellite receivers.