Slimline 240

Premium electric wall screen from £230

A slim and unobtrusive wall / ceiling screen powered by a robust 240v motor.

The slimline 240 is available with all round masking or as a plain white projection surface. Both 4 : 3 and 16 : 9 formats available.

Electric motors come with 5 year warranty from date of purchase


Just screw the brackets to the required position and then fit screen into brackets and tighten screws.We recommend wiring of the screen should be done by a qualified electrician.

Download spec sheet PDF

Slimline 240 Electric with Masking 4:3

Border spec:- 4cm Side & base, 18cm top

Slimline 240 Electric with Masking 16:9

Border spec:- 4cm side & base, 45cm top