Systemline Modular components
A wide vatiety of optional snap-on metal faceplates inc. Satin Nickel, Black Chrome, Polished Chrome and Brass are also available, quotes on request. All plates supplied in white.
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Systemline Musicserver.

Systemline 160GB Music Server with Internet Radio - SMS3-160

Stores, navigate and play your favourite CD's and Internet Radio by genre, album or artist, all at a touch of a button.

The new Systemline MusicServer ia an easy to use, one box "audio library" providing instant access to all your favourite music, categorised and organised just the way you like it. Naturally, for your complete convenience, you can control the MusicServer and enjoy your music at the touch of a button, and from anywhere.

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LRN7 Learning Remote

LRN7 Learning Programmable Remote Control
This stylish QED Systemline ARC7 Learning Programmable Remote Control is a by product of the QED Systemline Modular multi-source, multi-room audio system. It can directly learn up to 8 codes for each of 7 IR devices, or these can be programmed using your PC and the software provided. The ARC7 also learns Bang & Olufsen and Pioneer Elite IR codes. Macros can be programmed to allow you to send multiple instructions

LKPM7.1 Learning Keypad

Learning multi-source keypad module.Expanding on the simple control of the KPM7, the new learning handset allows for enhanced control of source equipment. Utilising the programming software used on the LRN7 learning handset, the LKPM7.1 combines simple source selection with navigation controls such as track skip, disk skip, pre-set up & down.

- Seven input selection keys with status illumination.
- Volume up/down keys and volume level display.
- Mute key
- Navigation keys
- Stop key
- Skip forward key
- Skip back key
- Channel + key
- Channel - key
- Direct Learning capability
- USB connection for uploading codes from a PC and to create a back-up file if required
- Macro capability using PC link
- Built-in IR receiver
- Built-in zone set-up capabilities including adjusting Bass & Treble etc

- Fits in a standard UK double back box and is available with a wide choice of clip on facia surrounds
- Option for audio feedback on button press
- Requires standard double gang UK back box (44mm deep)
- Dimensions WxDxH: 144x86x40mm

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RM1 Infra-Red Remote

RM1 Infra-red Remote Control

LKPM7 Multi-source Keypad

LKPM7 Multi-source keypad module
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KPM-1.1 wall mounted keypad

KPM-1.1 Wall mounted keypad

R-AFH2 Fire hood

R-AFH2 Fire Hood for ALM2.1, ALM2.1-IR
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ZAM-40 20 watts Zone Amp

ZAM-40 20 watts Zone Amp

As an alternative to this system in each zone you can use a pair of conventional passive speakers together with a Zone Ampifier Module (ZAM). The ZAM has an RJ45 socket to connect to the central hub using Cat5e cable and outputs to the speakers using normal speaker cable. The ZAM is designed to be mounted under a shelf, on a wall or even in the ceiling void, and has a small separate IR sensor that plugs into the ZAM and responds in the same way as the sensor on a keypad. Connected speakers must have an impedance of 4 Ohms minimum. This does mean that you can have two pairs of normal 8 Ohm speakers attached to the ZAM for larger rooms.

Retro-fit If you have an ethernet home network, using a ZAM linked to free standing speakers and plugged into a data point in each listening room allows you to retro-fit a multiroom audio system back to the hub without extra wiring!

You can add a local source input such as an MP3 player, CD player or PC, to the ZAM using a connecting cable terminating in a 3.5mm stero jack plug. Three power options are possible for the ZAM, giving different speaker outputs:

  • Power from the main hub, ie as if it were a normal speaker, gives 10 Watts per channel
  • Power from a local PSM45, gives 22 Watts per channel*
  • Power from a PSM130 located near the hub, gives 22 Watts per channel

MIN-4 Multi Source Input Plate

MIN-4 Multi Source Input Plate

An equivalent Multi-source Input Module (MIM) is used for the multi-source system. This permits up to 4 sources to be connected to the hub. For the 2 remaining sources two individual CIMs are used to allow more remote sources to act as inputs.

Systemline PSM 130 Power Supply

This power supply has now been and will be replaced with PSM120 Systemline. This is a direct replacement.