Music Network
For music distribution, you use 2 x 2 core speaker cable to relay the music and a single Cat5e cable for control. Let's spend a bit of time talking about speaker cable because again not all speaker cables are born equally. I believe that speaker cable is not something that should be dismissed quickly. After all, the quality of what you hear from the speakers is dependant on the speaker cable. It is very easy to justify spending £1000 or more on the latest music system and high end speakers but then so many people find it hard to justify buying good quality speaker cable. Clearly, it is an integral link in the system. I am not suggesting you need to run gold speaker cable (which does exist by the way). All I am saying is that you should plan to buy good quality speaker cable to match your good quality Hi Fi. After all, we are not simply running 1 meter of speaker cable from the Hi Fi to the speakers as you do in a car. You typically end up with 25-30m runs to each room. So what you need is a good quaility cable. The cable that the professionals use is made with Oxygen free copper. This cable has had all the Oxygen bubbles removed when the copper is being made. This improves the copper conductivity resulting in less loss of signal as the music travells down the speaker cable. This is a very important factor in choice of speaker cable. Additionally, It should be double insulated. This means that the two conductors that run down the speaker cable are individually insulated and then a second layer of insulation runs around the outside. This means if the outer insulation should get snagged during intial installation it will not create a short. Finally, you need to consider the size of the inner conductors. Up to a 30m run you need to use 1.5mm inner conductors. Over 30m you should use 2.5mm inner conductors. Again, the size of the inner conduct improves conductivity and reduces loss.

For the cabling of the music distribution system you need to run 2 x 2 core speaker cable and 1 x Cat5e from the central location to each room that you want to distribute music to. This cable need to be run to an in wall volume control (usually located by the light switch). From there you then need to run a speaker cable to each speaker. On this website we offer flush mount ceiling or wall speakers. Alternatively, you can run the speaker cable to a single gang outlet with speaker terminals on them where you can connect floor standing speakers. My recommedation is to use flush mount ceiling speakers. They are the most discrete option and avoid loss connections causing you problems.

You also need to cable for the incoming music signal. This requires 2 x 2 core speaker cables and 1 x Cat5e from the central location to the where you will locate your Hi Fi system. The speaker cable is terminated in a single gang back box and the Cat5e in a seperate single gang back box. Alternatively, all three cables can be run to a double gang back box.