What system do I need?

Existing Properties

You have to consider the needs of your tenants, their future requirements and the buildings you own.

  • Are you prepared to allow a number of individual satellite dishes to be installed on your buildings to allow your tenants freedom of choice?  This could result in a number of different satellite dishes and aerials of all types and sizes installed on your property resulting in an unsightly building.


  • Do you want a system installed to provide for the foreseeable future?  If yes, you should consider the following options:
  1. An IRS (Integrated Reception System) which provides each tenant with the ability to receive Radio (FM / DAB) and digital terrestrial / satellite signals via one cable to the main point in the dwelling, depending on the choice of the receiver.
  2. However, this may not be enough.  Have you considered Sky+?  More people now purchase Sky+ rather than a standard receiver, while HDTV (High Definition Television) is also becoming increasingly popular.
  3. To receive Sky+ or HDTV one cable to the main point within the dwelling from the IRS main connection point is no longer sufficient.  For Sky+ or a HDTV receiver a minimum of 2 cables is required.  This should now be considered the minimum installation required for any system being upgraded for digital reception. 

New Properties

On new build properties, you may wish to consider TV points in other rooms via the installation of a small amplifier.  The TV signals can be redistributed to other rooms and even have a degree of control over the satellite receiver in the main room.

This does mean the installation of further cables, one from each room and one from the main viewing point  (a return path).  The cables can be routed back to the cupboard or loft and connected to an amplifier.  Every room in the house can watch a TV channel of their choice (a 230V mains supply may be required depending on the choice of amplifier used).

Prepared for the future

TV systems are prepared for the future and your changing requirements.

Our solutions offer complete flexibility in order to give you peace of mind.

When it comes to consulting you can feel secure.

Our team undergoes a process of continual education that enables us to offer you the very best product training both now and in the future.

Satsearch specialise in commercial installations; from standard digital TV & radio aerials to full Integrated Reception Services (IRS) installations & CCTV security camera installation, providing complete systems serving large commercial units and residential apartments.

IRS – Integrated Reception Services

An Integrated Reception Service, IRS system is ideal for developers, businesses and managing agents who wish to provide full entertainment facilities throughout their development or shopping and office units.

With IRS, you can fully equip each and every apartment or office unit with full media services ready for your residents. Analogue, digital and satellite signals, including European satellite signals can be ready to be received in each individual apartment.

One of the many benefits of an IRS system, is you are providing all suitable solutions to meet your residents expectations, and as you can provide any and all suitable systems currently available, you are offering unbiased choice for each resident as to which channels and system they wish to utilize.