SAT>IP is a new IP-based architecture for receiving and distributing satellite signals or DVB-T (Freeview).

In traditional satellite/DDT reception systems, RF (Radio Frequency) satellite/DDT signals are only translated in frequency before being distributed via dedicated coaxial cables. Satellite/DDT receivers are necessary to receive and demodulate satellite/DDT signals.

With SAT>IP, satellite-delivered DVB-S/S2 or DDT DVB-T RF signals are demodulated and converted towards IP right at the point of reception in a SAT>IP server. Such a conversion may happen already in the satellite antenna itself (IP-LNB), close to the antenna (SAT>IP multiswitch or converter) or in a master STB. Effectively SAT>IP servers remove the DVB-S/S2 layer and replace it with an IP transport layer.


Once converted to IP, satellite/Freeview programs can be distributed, like traditional IPTV, over any IP network using wireless (WLAN, 4G), powerline, wired Ethernet, optical fibre, plastic fibre, coax, twisted pair (xDSL) or visible light technologies. SAT>IP makes satellite / TV distribution physical layer agnostic.

In a SAT>IP environment, any IP device automatically gets enabled for satellite & TV reception provided the right software is available. Tablets, PCs, Laptops, Smartphones, Connected TVs, Game Consoles, MediaPlayers, IP STBs, etc. can all become satellite/Freeview viewing clients. 

Although the video shows the SAT>IP App using a Satellite feed the concept is the same when using this unit with Freeview.


tvLINK IP Gateway

I know you all would like to watch Live TV on your iPad’s, Tablet’s & Phones but afraid too because of your Internet data usage, well you can now watch any of the Freeview TV & radio channels without impacting on your data (free data).

·         Distribute free to air DVB-T media to multiple devices in your home

·         View DTT (Freeview) on devices such as tablets & smart phones without using the internet data.

·         Does not impact on internet data usage.

·         Record Tv channels.

·         Uses your existing WiFi network

The tvLINK IP Gateway has the ability to receive multiple DVB-T signals & distribute them via a home or business network to multiple devices, such as tablets & smartphones without impacting upon home internet data usage (up to four programmes can be simultaneously sustained).*



* Requires download of the SAT>IP app to watch on tablets or smart-phones.