Internet Hire Services

Broadband to suit every need


Hire Satellite Broadband for your events or short term mobile deployment.


We can provide a specially tailored service which allows you to hire our Satellite Internet equipment for short-term or long-term events.  Only 70cm dish antenna. Festivals, exhibitions, road shows, corporate events, film crews on the move, disaster recovery: all can benefit from our Satellite Broadband service. Wherever you have an event and high speed Internet is required but not available through traditional means, our hire systems are designed as the alternative solution.

VSAT Internet services can be deployed almost anywhere, making them ideal for business continuity and connectivity in remote, hard to reach locations or temporary sites.

As little or as long as you require:

 Systems can be made available on a short-term basis from as little as one day, or for as long as the occasion requires, with an additional option to have an engineer on site with you for the duration of your event.

Small mobile static satellite systems:
  • Operational on site within 20 minutes of arrival.
  • Comes complete with One managed wireless access point for your use.
  • Plug in your laptop, PC or Servers and try the system for yourself.
  • Operating engineer supplied as part of the rental.
  • Designed to work in all weather conditions.
  • We do provide business grade, flexible, reliable IP broadband circuits.
  • speeds up to 22Mbps down. 6Mbps up. Static IP address.

Whatever your needs, just give us a call and talk through your exact requirements. We will be happy to help.