Farming in the UK is an increasingly digital business and faster internet can make a big difference to productivity. More and more farms sell produce online, the internet as a source of critical information is expanding rapidly, and an increasing amount of ‘paperwork’ must now be done online. What’s more, modern applications designed to help farmers become more productive and competitive, (such as IceRobotics’ Cow Alert) make use of broadband to deliver maximum benefit to farmers.

You can even find us in the milking parlour!

Why faster internet is important

Farmers with no access to fast, reliable broadband are in danger of becoming less competitive. The problem is that, in their mostly rural settings, it’s not always straightforward, or even possible, for farmers to receive fast, reliable broadband. The further broadband speeds rise, the further farmers without it will be left behind.

Satellite broadband offers fast internet to rural areas

We have the answer. Satellite broadband delivers reliable, faster internet access wherever you need it. It can be installed in just three hours, and can connect separate buildings. We’ve installed it in farmhouses, outbuildings, and milking parlours from Cornwall to Ayrshire. Whether the need is simply to send data to Defra, file tax returns, market and sell produce, or take full advantage of modern applications, we can help bring faster internet to your rural farm.