maxi system

Compact Residential Infrastructure System (CRIS).

CRIS is a high quality, fully intergrated system for a modern home communications network and combines the following services into a single system enclosure which can be easily patched by the user.

  • Telephone - Analogue (PSTN). Digital (ISDN), FAX, PBX (Private Branch eXchange)
  • Computers - Internet services, ISDN, Ethernet Local Area Network (LAN), Broadband (DSL or Cable)
  • Television - Analogue UHF, Digital TV (digidox), AM/FM Radio, DAB (Digital Audio Broadcast), Satellite.
  • CCTV - Modulated Colour or Black and White.
  • Audio - Audio Speaker Distribution.
  • Infra Red Control - IR Control Infrastructure.
  • Lighting Control.

The CRIS system is a unique combination of plastic enclosure with a disign patented panel mounting fram. The system is designed to be mounted in to a hollow stud wall or can be surface mounted onto brick with a surface mount kit. The system acts as a hub for all telephone, data, audio and video cabling within the home. The patch panels cater for RJ45, RCA phono, and F Coax. The panels are mounted on the internal frame which also hides all the cables termination's and the TV distribution system. This unique combination makes CRIS both user frendly and reliable.